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Directly from its pristine gardens Finlay Brings a BOP tea that is bright in color, full of flavor and rich in freshness. The refined quality of taste, easily set the tea leaves apart from other varieties. Finlay BOP balances the strength of the tea and gives it a more delicate flavor.

CD stands for Churamani Dust, this special category of tea is the most refined one,  and people who prefer their strong with great aroma will always have Churamoni Dust Tea. CD is famous for giving great color with minimum tea used because the concentration is better due to small particles. Churamoni Dust tea is made using a strainer. 

Dryer Mouth tea is separated first from the mouth of the dryer machine, hence the name. The particles are thick, so a kettle is used to make the tea. The thick molecular are  not easily soluble hence the color of this tea is light.