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Chronological Land Marks

Geographical Location:
Company’s Tea estates are located in Habigonj and Moulvibazar districts of Bangladesh which border the Indian’s North-Eastern states of Assam and Tripura. It is about 180 kilometers North east of the capital Dhaka and about 80 kilometer south of Sylhet town and within 30 kilometer vicinity of Sreemongol town.

Altitude: 30 Meter (appro) higher than the sea level

Latitude and Longitude: Between 23059’ north latitude to 24019’ north latitude and 90054’ east longitude to 91044’ east longitude (Source B.T.R.I)

Temperature, Climate etc:
Combination of tropical and sub-tropical monsoon Climate with three distinct seasons based on the rainfall and temperature as follows:

(a) Main Seasons:
Winter (November to February)
Summer (March to May)
Monsoon (June to October)

(b) Temperature (0c):
Winter (average-December-January) Maximum-25.60
Summer (average April-June) Maximum-31.94
Source B.T.R.I. last 5 years average

(c) Rainfall :
Average rainfall 180 – 200 mm per annum

(d) Humidity (%):
Summer-Maximum – 91.32
Summer-minimum – 61-35
Winter-Maximum – 89.90
Winter-Minimum – 55.88
(Source : B.T.R.I)

(e) Standard Time: 
GMT+6 hour