Majority of the company’s tea are sold through the Chittagong auctions being held every Tuesday. After the tea arrives Chittagong in the warehouse …

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Tea auctions are held in Chittagong every Tuesday. Tea traders from various places in Bangladesh

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Vision and values

Besides increasing production and improving..

Retail Markets in Bangladesh

Previously loose tea used to be sold in the tea retail markets…

Global Business

The Tea exporters from Bangladesh, including …

Tea Market Report

Sale 15 with 35,122 packages on offer met with a less..

Chronological landmarks

James Finlay, a 250 year old scottish company, ventured in India to plant tea in the later half of 19th century. They laid the foundation to develop tea in this part of the world.

The tea companies which were owned by Finlays in Bangladesh are known by the names “The Consolidated Tea & Lands Co. (Bangladesh) Limited (Consol), and Baraoora (Sylhet) Tea Company Limited (Baraoora).



Tea, Rubber, Timber, Bamboo, Black Pepper are produced by our companies.

Growing Tea

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Different Types of Tea

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About Green Tea

We are the only producer of Green tea in Bangladesh. About 300,000 kilo of green tea is..


Most of the tea sold in the Chittagong auctions are packed in polypropylene woven bags.


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As a part of our Company's commitment to the society we Endeavour to support the locality we work in by enriching its environment and uplifting the living condition of its people.

The concept of TQM and provisions of the ISO-9000 and ISO....14000 have already been conceptualized by the company as a role model for future management policy.

Company has a central hospital having 35 nos beds. which is equipped with operating theater. X-ray department and a pathological laboratory. In addition.

Primary School -29 nos (maintained and financed by company 100%)