The Consolidated Tea and Lands Company (Bangladesh) Limited &  
  Baraoora (Sylhet) Tea Company Limited  


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Corporate Social Responsibility:
As a part of our Company's commitment to the society we Endeavour to support the locality we work in by enriching its environment and uplifting the living condition of its people

James Finlay, a 250 year old  scottish company, ventured in India to plant tea in the later half of 19th century. They laid the foundation to develop tea in this part of the world. The tea companies which were owned by Finlays in Bangladesh are known by the names "The Consolidated Tea & Lands Co. (Bangladesh) Limited (Consol), and Baraoora (Sylhet) Tea Company Limited (Baraoora).

The Company’s origins date back to 1882 with the incorporation in the UK of the North Sylhet Tea Co. Limited and the South Sylhet Tea Co. Limited.

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Baraoora: The Company was first incorporated in England in 1897. The Hart Family maintained a significant shareholding throughout the first half of the twentieth century although by 1983 James Finlay had also acquired a significant stake in the Company.

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 Medical Facility & Labour Welfare


Company has a general hospital having 55 nos beds. Which is equipped with operating theatre X-ray...


High School

Primary School
(maintained and financed by company 100% )

 Total Quality Management

The concept of TQM and provisions of the ISO-9000 and ISO....14000 have already been conceptualized by the company as a role model for future management policy.

 About Green Tea
We are the only producer of Green tea in Bangladesh. About 300,000 kilo of green tea is produced annually which are all exported.


Majority of the company's tea are sold through the Chittagong auctions

being held every ...
Branded Tea in Packets:
A large quantity of tea produced by the company is sold in branded packet
. The
tea is packed in ...
Direct Private Sales:
Some quantity of tea produced in our tea estates is also sold to
overseas buyers ...
Rubber Plantation:
We Have about 2000 hectares of land under Rubber cultivation producing
over 850 tonnes annually...
   Packaging of Bulk Tea

The teas, which are sold in the auctions, are packed in Poly Propylene Woven bags at 55 kilo net weight. Multi walled Paper sacks are also used for exporting tea to UK and Other countries in Europe at a net packing ranging between 55 kilo to 65 kilo depending on the grade of tea packed.

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